I study International Trade, in particular in the context of so-called gravity equations and the interaction between trade and foreign policy. I am interested in the economic and political effects of sanctions, and the use of big data to study trade frictions at the subnational level.

Working Papers


  • "Critically important: The heterogeneous effect of politics on trade", with Elsa Leromain Details   latest draft
  • "The View from Space: Theory-based Time-varying Distances in the Gravity Model" Details   latest draft
  • "The Ties that Bind: Geopolitical Motivations for Economic Integration" Details   latest draft
  • "Friendly Fire: The Trade Impact of the Russia Sanctions and Counter-Sanctions", with Matthieu Crozet Details   latest draft

Book Chapters


  • "Cost of Sanctions: Estimating Lost Trade with Gravity" Details

Commentary and Blog Posts


  • "Transpazifische Partnerschaft TPP: Totgeglaubte leben länger"   link


  • "Collateral damage: The impact of the Russia sanctions on sanctioning countries’ exports", with Matthieu Crozet   link
  • "Sanctions et embargos : quels impacts sur le commerce de la france vers la russie ?", with Matthieu Crozet



  • "Russia’s and the EU’s Sanctions. Economic and Trade Effects, Compliance and the Way Forward", with Elisabeth Christen, Oliver Fritz, and Franz Sinabell   link


  • "Auswirkungen der Wirtschaftssanktionen der EU und Russlands auf Wertschöpfung und Beschäftigung in Österreich und der EU", with Elisabeth Christen, Oliver Fritz, and Gerhard Streicher   link