PSME Refresher

This two-week course is meant to be a quick refresher and warm-up for undergraduates without a major in Mathematics, but with basic knowledge for its application in Economics. The first half of the course provides an overview over the most important tools and concepts used in Economics, the second is more applied with a short introduction to Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Growth Theory and Econometrics.

“So by all means let’s have maths in economics – but as our servant, not our master.”
— Alice in Wonderland

This material is a compilation and digest of material from previous PSME refresher courses (taught by Varvara Isyuk and Ysaline Padieu), a Statistics course I taught at Sciences Po (2013), Simon & Blume (1994)’s excellent Mathematics for Economists, Chiang and Wainwright (2000)’s Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics, as well as maths refresher courses at Harvard University (Math (P)refresher for Political Scientists by Hall, Kashin and King (2012)) and the University of Virginia (Introduction to Mathematical Economics, Reshef (2006)).

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